Results and Standings

NRHA Affiliate Standings

1st - Christiano CoelhoDouble Shot Gun31.5pts
2nd - Rachel OryStengel29.5pts
Intermediate Open
1st - Rachel OryStengel
Limited Open
1st - Megan McCallWR Double Notch Whiz38 pts.
Non Pro
1st - Chuck WatersWhizzer Whiz40.5 pts.
2nd - Daniella PicciottiI Dun It On Que18 pts
3rd - Daniella PicciottiFancy Steppin Freckle16pts.
Int. Non Pro
1st - Chuck WatersWhizzer Whiz61pts.
2nd - Daniella PicciottiI Dun It On Que53pts.
3rd - Daniella Piccotti Fancy Steppin Freckle29pts.
Ltd Non Pro
1st - Chuck WatersWhizzer Whiz93 pts.
2nd - Daniella Picciotti I DunIt On Que53 pts.
3rd - Linda BrewerCody Jac Whiz46 pts.
NH Open 1
1st - Jorge Puente Tattooed By Daddy39 pts.
NH Non Pro 1
1st - Abby GrovesBerry Top Prize68.5pts.
2nd - Rod BrysonWhosDoctorWhizIt63.5 pts.
3rd - Deborah ThompsonMr. Electric Power31.5 pts.
NH Non Pro 21st - Paul Stewart
Rookie 1
1st - Michelle StaggDunItInMyWranglers91 pts.
2nd - Jerie OlsenEyed Sail On88 pts.
3rd - Timber Wins Andrea Beale
Rookie 2
1st - Abby GrovesBerry Top Prize78.5 pts.
2nd - Patricia HaydenKR A Freckle Nic58.5 pts.
3rd - Daniella PiciottiI Dun It On Que56.5 pts.
PT Rookie
1st - Jerie OlsenEyed Sail On79 pts.
2nd - Andrea BealeTimber Wins75.5pts
3rd - Patricia HaydenKR A Freckle Nic63 pts.
Youth 13 and UnderYouth 13 and Under
1st - Lisa Pirtle TIELast Pop Star20.5 pts.
2nd - Lisa Pirtle TIEPryce Tag20.5 pts.
Youth 14-18
1st - Terri June GrangerJeans N Reeboks44pts.
2nd - James Belden Jr. Topsail Whiz Olena37.5pts.
Kayla ShelnuttTag This33 pts.
1st Marilyn BrysonTopsail Riptide70 pts.
2nd - Deborah ThompsonMr. Electric Power39.5 pts.
1st - Rod BrysonWhosDoctorWhizIt