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  • Current membership of NRHA is required to participate in NRHA-approved shows.
  • Every horse competing in NRHA approved classes requires a competition license
  • Affiliate Designation (optional)

Please visit NRHA website for details –  Before you show / Forms & Documents

FRHA Membership

  • Current membership of FRHA is required to be eligible for club/year end awards.
  • Annual Dues: Single $45 – Family $75 – Youth $15

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FRHA Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations


The Florida Reining Horse Association



Membership in the Florida Reining Horse Association is a privilege and is subject to review by the Board of Directors of the Association for compliance with the Association’s membership requirements.

Candidates for membership in all classes shall be admitted to membership in this Association upon payment of fees and dues hereinafter provided, and shall begin as of the date of application and payment of required dues.

A Qualified Member is a member in good standing who is entitled to vote in the business affairs of the Association and is not in arrears in dues.

All Qualified Members shall be entitled to formal notice of annual meetings and shall be entitled to vote on all matters concerning the Association, as set forth in the by‑laws.

Only Qualified Members on September 1st shall be eligible to vote in the annual election of that year.

Membership Classes – Membership in the Association shall consist of two classes, they are:

1.  Single
2. Family
3. Youth

Dues – The amount of dues for each class of membership are as follows:

1. Single   $45.00
2. Family   $75.00
3. Youth   $15.00

Family memberships include all dependents under 19 years of age at the start of the show season.


Standing committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.  Committee members will be appointed by the Committee Chairperson. The term of all committees shall expire with the term of the President, regardless of pending unfinished business. It shall be the duty of the Chairperson of all committees to attend or provide a written committee report for all meetings of the Board of Directors.

FRHA standing committees include:

a) Membership Committee
b) Member Services Committee
c) Show Committee
d) Sponsorship Committee
e) Youth Committee
f) Hospitality Committee
g) Recognition Committee


It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to record and administer the Association’s membership records.


The Member Services Committee wil be charged with responsibility for identifying opportunities to stimulate interest in and increasing membership of the Association. The Member Services Committee will work with other committees as required to ensure that FRHA membership is a positive and rewarding experience for the Association’s members.


It shall be the duty of the Show Committee to stimulate interest in FRHA sponored events and to promulgate rules and regulations that ensure fair and equitable competition and that maximize member satisfaction with FRHA sponsored events. The rules and regulations so promulgated shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

These rules when approved and adopted shall comply with applicable rules and regulations of the National Reining Horse Association and it shall be the duty of this committee to enforce duly adopted rules and regulations and recommend to the Board of Directors punishment for failure to comply therewith.

This committee shall recommend a schedule of shows for the year and submit this schedule to the Board of Directors for approval sufficiently in advance of the show season as to ensure orderly planning of the shows.


This committee is responsible for the solicitation of sponsors and advertisers for the FRHA throughout the year. This committee will determine the trade outs possible for donation of merchandise. This committee is responsible for producing the annual February Show Program.


It shall be the duty of the Youth Committee to stimulate interest and participation in Youth Reining.


This committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting FRHA social activities that will be held throughout the year, including the FRHA Annual Awards Banquet.


The Recognition Committee will be responsible for the administering the FRHA Recognition Program including the FRHA Year-End Awards and the FRHA Affiliate Awards. Any proposed changes to the FRHA Recognition Program shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the start of the show season.


There will be special committees, as necessary, as determined by the President.


  1. NRHA Rules & Regulations shall govern all NRHA sanctioned contests provided presented by FRHA. FRHA Rules will govern all contests not sanctioned by NRHA.
  2. A Point Scoring system shall be adopted by the FRHA Board and revised from time to time, as appropriate to meet the needs of the FRHA membership. Once adopted, the FRHA Point Scoring system will be in force for the entire show season and will be published on the FRHA web Site.
  3. Breaking of ties at year-end shall be determined by comparing the number of First places, Second places, Third places, etc. until the tie is broken.
  4. In determining the annual awards the year will begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


The Florida Reining Horse Association will offer its members an Annual Recognition Program based on qualifying criteria to be established from time to time and documented by the Board of Directors in the Rules and Regulations of the Association. Such qualifying criteria will be presented to the membership prior to the first show of each year and will be published on the FRHA web site.

Section 1.     The owners and riders of horses competing in FRHA competition must comply with FRHA membership requirements being current members in good standing for points earned to count toward eligibility for year-end awards. Points are counted from the day of membership in FRHA to the end of the Award Year.

Section 2.     All entry information represented on entry forms must accurately state the competition license number for the horse, if applicable; the current membership number for the rider for FRHA and NRHA, when applicable; and the current membership number(s) for the owner(s) for the points to count.

Section 3.   Year-end Award Points shall be kept for each of the following reining classes: Open, Intermediate Open, Limited Open, Rookie Professional, Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro, Prime Time Non Pro, Novice Horse Open, Novice Horse Non Pro, Rookie 1, Rookie 2, Youth 13 and Under, Youth 14-18, Ladies, and Men.

Section 4.     All Non‑Pro division points shall be awarded on a one horse, one rider combination. To be eligible for Non‑Pro Awards, the Non‑Pro exhibitor must hold an NRHA Non‑Pro Exhibitor card.

Section 5.    To be eligible for Youth Awards, the Youth must be a qualified youth member of NRHA and points shall be awarded on the basis of a one horse, one rider combination.

Section 6.     All Open division points shall be awarded to the horse

Section 7.     To be eligible for FRHA year-end awards, members must have shown in at least 50% of the FRHA approved shows for the year, inclusive of NRHA approved and FRHA Jackpot Shows.

Section 8.     Affiliate qualification and awards shall be consistent with NRHA rules.

FRHA Award Rules

Year‑End Awards

  • FRHA year-end awards will be given to the Champion, Reserve, Third, and Fourth places in the qualified divisions.
  • FRHA year‑end points are kept by using a modified version of the NRHA Youth point scale. All horse/rider combinations are counted toward points with the points going out to 15 horses. The number of horses to be used for computation shall be those horses actually competing, excluding the number of horses entered but scratched from competition. No points will be given to any entrant who receives a ‘No Score” or a score of zero.

Affiliate Circuit Qualification

Riders qualifying for the FRHA Affiliate Circuit Awards are eligible to compete for the FRHA team at the South Eastern Affiliate Championships, consistent with NRHA qualifying rules.

FRHA Affiliate qualifying shows are: January, February, March, April, and May.

FRHA Green Reiner Program

The purpose of the FRHA Green Reiner Program is to provide new Reiners the opportunity to become acquainted with the basic reining skills in a competitive yet friendly environment.

Eligibility restrictions for participation in the Green Reiner Program are that the rider be a member of FRHA and have little or no prior NRHA sanctioned reining experience. There are no restrictions placed upon the ownership, breed, age, training, or prior ring experience of your equine partner.

The Green Reiner Program has two levels.  Progression through the levels is automatic based upon each individual’s accumulation of Green Reiner points and/or earnings.

Green Reiner points are computed by subtracting 60 from the score received. Accumulation of 40 Green Reiner points earns the competitor a certificate and moves the exhibitor from Green Reiner I to Green Reiner II; the exhibitor remains eligible for Green Reiner I for the remainder of the year in which they earn the fortieth point.

Accumulation of 80 points earns the Green Reiner a FRHA buckle. Green Reiner II is run as a jackpot class and earnings of $100 graduates the Green Reiner from the program. Riders may continue to show in Green Reiner II as long as they have not earned the required $100.00. Earnings in classes other than Green will count towards the $100 benchmark. The exhibitor remains eligible for Green Reiner II for the reminder of the year in which they reach $100 in earnings.

The Green Reiner is scored based upon the execution of maneuvers stipulated below. The Green Reiner may enter and receive Green Reiner points and earnings from other classes; however, the Green Reiner will be judged in these classes based upon the requirements of that class. Points will be calculated based upon the Green Reiner computation noted above.

Green Reiners may also earn points at other NRHA Affiliate approved shows; there will be a $5.00 charge per class transferred and the points transferred must be signed by the other club’s show secretary.

Points will count from the first show. A minimum of 75% of the points accrued must be earned in the Green Reiner class. To be eligible for the Green Reiner buckle, the rider must be a member of the FRHA. Back memberships to the first accrual of points must be paid in order to acquire the Green Reiner Buckle.

GREEN REINER I (up to 40 Points)

Patterns are the same as NRHA except:

  • Rider may use one or two hands, but must remain the same throughout the entire pattern
  • Rider may break down to a trot for a lead change

GREEN REINER II (80 Points to earn buckle, $100.00 in earnings to graduate)

  • Follow NRHA rules, using complete NRHA patterns.

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